Mission Statement

Planning Innovative Kommunities & Opportunities (PIKO) Maui

Our mission statement is to provide planning, support, and fiscal sponsorship to organizations, groups, and families involved in culture-based, innovative projects and programs that promote and perpetuate the traditional culture and sustainable resource management, utilizing the ahupuaʻa value system.

Our Purpose


with nonprofit, communities, businesses, and government agencies to plan and design sustainable projects and communities that integrate the traditional wisdom of community-based, -designed, and – developed planning for 7 generations and beyond.


fiscal strategic long-term planning and access to resources to support fiscal responsibility and accountability for projects and communities.

Research & Intergrate

traditional indigenous wisdom and innovative techniques and technologies to develop sustainable community models. Managing and utilizing sustainable consumption and waste, renewable energy, and Hawaiian values of aloha and respect for the ʻāina (land) and the kai (ocean).


The concept of private property was unknown to ancient Hawaiians, but they did follow a complex system of land division. All land was controlled ultimately by the highest chief or king who held it in trust for the whole population. Who supervised these lands was designated by the king based on rank and standing. A whole island, or mokupuni, was divided in smaller parts, down to a basic unit belonging to a single family. read more…

Kaʻehu is a community based organization with the purpose to

  1. (1) Promote the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of the land area and natural resources at Ka’ehu Bay
  2. (2) Utilize the land and natural resources, in conjunction with other agencies, to promote, preserve and perpetuate traditional Hawaiian cultural activities. Our mission statement is to restore the land and perpetuate traditional Hawaiian culture using community-based, inclusive, family oriented approach.

Kaʻehu continues to work with community organizations, the MPD Juvenile Crime Prevention Division and other agencies to provide team building activities, land restoration and cultural opportunities at Kaʻehu Bay. We will continue our work with youth to provide a healthy environment and place of learning. 

Over the past 30 years, board members of Kaʻehu and Kauahea Inc., along with the Trust for Public Lands, have collected data and input from the community regarding the area. The community input will help guide the planning and development process of this pristine area.

Board of Directors

Lily Donge


Principle, Rocky Mountain Institute

Lex Felicilda

Vice President

Native Hawaiian Business Owner, Media Kings Hawaii

Monique Sonoquie


Chumash Tribe, Cultural Practitioner

Lohelani Furtado-Gaspar


Native Hawaiian Immersion Student, Apprentice Carver

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If you would like to donate to our efforts and purpose please contact us through email or phone.

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